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The third field is either a name from the set of gas specie names recognized by the radiation code, or it is an absolute pathname of a dataset that contains physical and optical properties of an aerosol. There are no datasets associated with the gas specie names because the optical properties of the gases are handled by the radiation code directly.

The names used to identify the bulk aerosol species are hardcoded in the prescribed_aero_specifier = 'sulf: SO4', 'bcar1: CB1', 'bcar2: CB2', 'ocar1: OC1', 'ocar2: OC2', 'sslt1: SSLT01', 'sslt2: SSLT02', 'sslt3: SSLT03', 'sslt4: SSLT04', 'dust1: DST01', 'dust2: DST02', 'dust3: DST03', 'dust4: DST04' rad_climate = 'A: Q: H2O', 'N: O2: O2', 'N: CO2: CO2', 'N:ozone: O3', 'N: N2O: N2O', 'N: CH4: CH4', 'N: CFC11: CFC11', 'N: CFC12: CFC12', 'M:mam3_mode1:/CSMDATA/atm/cam/physprops/', 'M:mam3_mode2:/CSMDATA/atm/cam/physprops/', 'M:mam3_mode3:/CSMDATA/atm/cam/physprops/' variable lists the aerosol constituents whose contributions are added together to compute the total aerosol optical depth.

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The second field in each string is a name that is used to identify the constituent in the appropriate internal data structure (there are separate data structures for the advected and the non-advected constituents).

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