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A sapiosexual is someone who finds sexual stimulation from the way a person's mind works. If a man can engage in a healthy debate with us or make us think in a different way about something, that's the first step to sex.

According to Diana Rabb, a Ph D in transpersonal psychology: So for us, intelligence is the way to get us hot and bothered.

I'll readily admit that I'd f*ck someone ugly if he were super smart. I don't even care if he's an assh*le, as long as he's smart AF. It means you literally are attracted to intelligence. When you think about it, why shouldn't the brain be the thing we're attracted to? For some, foreplay is a little heavy petting, but not for the sapiosexuals of the world!

Research conducted by the sex toy company Lovehoney found a direct connection with high IQ and libido.

A man's genetic make-up may play a role in whether he has sons or daughters, a study of hundreds of years of family trees suggests.

Newcastle University researchers found men were more likely to have sons if they had more brothers and vice versa if they had more sisters.

They looked at 927 family trees, with details on 556,387 people from North America and Europe, going back to 1600.

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