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Together, these users wrote 25 million messages, generated 286 million clicks on the site and rated other users' profiles 864 million times.

Males accounted for 62 per cent of the messages and initiated 86 per cent of the communication.

And one thing that should be worrisome for straight men is the size of their disadvantage in the market.

Josh Fischer is the Director of Product Insights at What does this mean?

The study focused on the free-text responses to several questions designed to share insights men thought potential romantic partners would want to know about them.

Results showed that successful male daters focused on their similarities with the females they were hoping to attract, while highlighting what they thought made them stand out from the competition.

In the fan-favorite movie "What Women Want," Mel Gibson's macho male character has a freak accident that allows him to hear what women are thinking.

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This included the profiles and clickstreams of 410,000 active users in 10 metropolitan areas.

If you’ve ever dated anyone, you know that dating inherently (er, ideally) involves people with a mutual interest in each other.

But to get things started, someone has to make the first move.

Previous studies have shown the impact of photos and lists of common goals and interests, including geographic location, race, education, income, marital histories and the desire for children.

But the researchers from the University of Michigan are the first to look specifically at how text in profiles crafted by men is perceived by the women they hope to attract.

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